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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  CBS  November 5, 2016 4:37am-5:00am CDT

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the lines are being crossed. the daughter was having the same concern. it gets lost. it gets lost in all of this. >> it's really been a discussion moving away from wikileaks and more about what donald trump has said and the clinton response to what he has said. it pushes back on the kimberly point for the justice department. in the same way president obama uses the justice department to keep her away of the indictment. getting back to what we were discussing i think it's interesting that chelsea clinton knew. she is a millennial. >> hold the chelsea. hold that. i think it's very heartwarming. it had to come from her
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don't go away we will be
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armstrong williamsi am armstrong williams and this is
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i am assistant editor. you were talking about chelsea clinton making a point about her being a millennial. >> she grew up in a generation where she was in the public forum. public domain where the world and america's eyes were watching her and every asked jen that she took. she was very cautious fearing bearing a millennial she grew up in a digital age and she could understand that on the horizon that anything having to do with emails or what you did would eventually leak out to the public. >> you know the important question for us today is the extent of the damage done to
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the presidential candidate. you will have 50 percent they will hate the other candidates. are you prepared and how do you recover from the damage? what does the damage do? do we understand the extent? >> i think the reputation of the media has been damaged in part by the candidates. the media favorite things of donald trump. he always calls them the dishonest media and the disgusting media. he said on the phone that she was a disgusting human being. the followers eat this up in sheer to the point that i haven't but colleagues of mine are being outside the rallies talking to some of the supporters and needing a police escort to get them out. right or wrong, there has been a lot of damage done in the
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whoever wins the election and those in charge of the media and how to tell people how to restore the face and journalism. i can tell by my own inbox. >> put it this way. we don't know what to expect. it's president clinton or president trump. especially it's president trump. >> it will be difficult. we are just being candid. >> you don't even see the pathway. >> the problem is math right now. math. i think it's his mouth. >> it's probably both.
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florida and north carolina. it's not looking great. i was just there for the last few days and and will expire on monday and the problem for him and the problem is the philly area. hillary clinton is doubling them up in the suburbs. that's a crucial spot for any republican. >> >> he did. what does that tell you? he either doesn't see it as a crucial state for him to win the election or he is setting fires every goals. 13 votes is not enough for him
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maybe something else. he might be trying to look at colorado or new mexico. evan mcmullen is an independent candidate. he is a former agent. it states high with donald trump and hillary clinton. >> let's ask this question that you don't get asked often. for the voters who is hillary clinton? away from the theater that she's very good at at the debate. she's very well posed and discipline. who is she? if the voters vote for her who is she? >> i think she is a driven woman. i think she is very classy. i think that if people knew who she was i don't think they would hate her nearly as much. i think she is just entering the race with so much private baggage from her husband and the years of being through whitewater and working for gary
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think even hillary clinton knows who she is. i think she is still figuring it out. >> who is donald trump? >> i think in this case you are right. hillary clinton hasn't done a good job of defining herself and she is allowed others to define her. she is allowed others to define her for decades. he has defined he defines himself as the outsider and straight talker. you get what yousee ? it's been what's coming back to him.he is trying to convince people. the things that you heard me say are my own mouth on the videotape is not me at all. it goes against the message that he has painted of himself the whole time.
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with a lot of bravado who speaks the truth and i think this is the image that he created of's starting to crumble and it's difficult to maintain. it's when he has to distance himself from his own words.>> we will cheat time and i don't want al to be interrupted.
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nguyen the question to you is who are the american people? man, that is a loaded question. it's a good question. it depends what they are looking for now. right now you have hillary clinton, very established politicians and donald trump and tell us who theamerican people are ? they are fed up. they are fed up. especially republicans. with the race of getting enough people who still pine for that type of politician mostly, the vast majority are fed up with what's going on and they look for a new direction.
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it. >> they are definitely there. they are sick and tired of what happened. >> in the selection we have not talked enough about us really having an impact. >> you see the waves of how media treats the presidential race. also, how it brings out a lot of interesting opinions with regards to how the american people view the media as trust them. don't listen to a word they say.they still go to them. the american peopleare very fickle and fed up . i think that the gop civil war in front of us has been going on. it's been under the surface and it will boil and it's about to reach a critical point. >> what happens to ryan. >> i think that's a concern of
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sure i believe nancy's policies position that the democrats will retake the house. i think that's a tough sell to get 30 seats. it definitely harms the amount of extent to the gop control of the house but it will make it difficult given the blood that will be left on the floor after the selection. it paul ryan to keep his speakership. >> what about the rnc?they seem to be so conflicted. he doesn't know what to do. >> the rnc is in a tough spot now. he is in his third term coming up. he might be going for fourth. i am not sure. you've seen a lot of turnover therein the past few years. i am not sure what will happen with trump moving forward . it's really going to be in the
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if he leaves i think you will see that it will probably be one of the highest profile positions for any republican to hold.carly has been talking about a lot of high profile republicans will be interested. it will be a very interesting thing with the ballot race is the trump effect on the senate will be telling. i think that's most interesting part. we haven't seen enough polling to see what will i think that's the most underreported thing in the election. the majority. >> roger, al, kim we will be
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democratic and republican side who is the winners and losers thus far. >> not the winners who are the losers?>> the winners and losers just the losers. >> i think ted cruz is a big loser right now. he the one line that started this and the primary with a marco rubio thing saying he was calculated. i think you're saying that when he comes out and makes the big speech. knocking on the door of trump and comes out to support him and now he is waffling again. it's after the new video came out. ted cruz he always is the guy that will stand on principle. what are principles. >> how old is ben carson? >> ben carson is probably emerged less damage than most of the candidates.
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i think that he was on television condemning statements along with everyone the same time trying to stand up to defend trump and defend the republican party. everyone else has a lot more problems. i agree about senator cruz. marco rubio even though it seems to be doing well. he still is in the trump corner. he is twisting himself into not justifying that. >> >> mike pence was looking like a sure bet winter. seeming that hillary clinton will win the election. now that he has to defend donald trump and he is not leaving. >> he is sticking by him. >> were out of time. thank you everyone.this is a fun half-hour. thank you for joining us.
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